If you find yourself on Milaviate.com, you’ve more than likely wondered at some point in your life what flying in a fighter aircraft would be like. It could be a passing fancy, a serious devotion, or just a bucket list item you’ll eventually check off someday down the road.

Now, there’s a number of ways you can actually get yourself in the cockpit, zipping through the skies in a sleek and fast fighter aircraft. Forgetting about the illegal methods, the legal ones are as follows:

1. Buy yourself a used MiG-29 Fulcrum or a Dassault Mirage III. If you have the money, the time, the appropriate facilities and licensing, go for it! But you don’t really NEED a supersonic fighter that you’ll only probably use a few times and then let it sit in the garage, gathering dust next to that rusted old bike you promised your wife you’d use to lose a few pounds here and there…

2. Join the military. Self-explanatory. If you have the physical capability, visual acuity and love your country, go right ahead and sign on the dotted line! But, if you just want a feel for flying in a fighter jet without all the commitment, you’ll probably want to steer clear of this option.

3. MiGFlug and FlyFighterJet.com. Perhaps the easiest and most affordable solution available to you. Operating since 2004, MiGFlug offers flights in a variety of aircraft in locations around the world. Take a ride in a Korean War-era MiG-15, the granddaddy of all Soviet/Russian fighter jets. Or, the venerable Hawker Hunter in Switzerland. Better yet, get up in an L-39 Albatros in a number of locations in the US and across Europe! The pièce de résistance? A flight in a supersonic MiG-29 Fulcrum, one of the current mainstays of the Russian Air Force. What’s the best part about this all? You get stick time. Now that, my friends, is awesome!

Check out MiGFlug by clicking the image below. It’ll link you right to their website!


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