Operation Encore


Some years ago, a small group of talented musicians burst out onto the scene like a CBU-100. Composed of F-16 fighter pilots from the United States Air Force, they brought you such classic hits as “2’s Blind” and “The Legend of Shaved Dog’s Ass”… Still drawing a blank?! Dos Gringos, the de facto minstrels of military aviation! Their songs of starting world wars, goofed-up training hops and extraordinary wingmen (both in and out of the cockpit) took the relatively-fledging world of military-influenced music by storm and gained a good deal of popularity and notoriety. Four CDs later, Dos Gringos and Viper Driver Productions are bringing you a new take on music for a really great cause.

From Viper Driver Productions comes Operation Encore, an effort bringing together singer/songwriters from around the US military’s active, reserve and veteran communities to record their songs, tell their stories and relate to the civilian public through the wonderful medium of music. Operation Encore’s first album is expected to be released later this year in November with a chunk of the profits going directly towards a number of veterans charitable organizations, including Team RWB and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. For more updates on their progress including the official release date of the album, you can check out their presence on social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter. Clicking on either the Twitter or Facebook icons below will take you to their respective pages. Please consider buying an album, it’s great music and the proceeds go towards amazing causes!

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