Just Plain Badass

A video from the 67th Fighter Squadron out of Kadena Air Base, Japan, made to commemorate 67FS winning the 2011 Raytheon This video was created to commemorate the 67FS winning the 2011 Raytheon Trophy for outstanding aerial achievement, an annual award granted to only the best air-to-air squadron in the United States Air Force. Over the course of a year, pilots shot footage with a Sony Handycam and a GoPro Hero camera, compiling it into one 10-minute badass video. Featured are the aerial awesomeness of pilots and their aircraft from both the 67FS “Fighting Cocks” and the 44FS “Vampire Bats”.


Featured image: An F-15C Eagle aircrew from the 67th Fighter Squadron, returns to the “fight” after receiving fuel from a KC-135 Stratotanker from Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash., during Red Flag-Alaska April 27. Photograph by Shannon Collins.

3 thoughts on “Just Plain Badass

  1. The Video and sounds were great ! Did I see correctly? When he slammed both throttles into AB full power only the left engine responded that I see, no flame out of the right engine !
    Also question for pilot did P&W actually. Fix the turbine shell out problems on their engines? I would like to see you guys flying F110-129 engines in the F15E like the ROKAF and several other Air Forces !


    1. No, it looks like he went afterburner in the left and pulled the right back to idle to make a *hard* right turn.


  2. Don’t know why they showed that split throttle technique. It’s not needed or wanted for good turn performance. It’s only recommended for spin recovery. Pilots have tried all sorts of gimmicks like split throttle, speedbrake, and extending flaps that they think will give them the edge.


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