Here’s Your Chance to Fly With the Baltic Bees

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever seen an air demo team streaking through the skies over an airshow, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like to fly (or fly in) one of the aircraft in formation, maybe out of curiosity or maybe because you’re nuts. For both of the above, you can now do just that and you won’t even have to join the military and try to get yourself into the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, Red Arrows or what have you!

The Baltic Bees, based out of Riga, Latvia, fly the two-seater Aero L-39 trainer, fairly popular with private owners and other demonstration teams around the world. In conjunction with our good friends at MiGFlug, who can also take you near the edge of space in a MiG-29, for a fee of course, the Baltic Bees will be opening up the rear seats of their L-39 to the public, also for a fee. Not only will the pilots put you through the typical maneuvers you get to see from the ground during an airshow, he’ll also give you stick time (read: you get to fly an ex-military jet trainer). The group flight option gives you the opportunity to fly in formation with the rest of the Bees during a demonstration (note: you’re not actually controlling the aircraft during such a flight… because scary things could happen).

You can check out MiGFlug’s offer here: Economical Fighter Jet Rides with Famous Display Team

And you can learn more about the Baltic Bees here: Baltic Bees Professional Civilian Jet Team


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