F-15D Delivery

The Tactical Air Network’s Alan Kenny was at RAF Lakenheath, England on Thursday to watch the departure of eight F-15D Eagles to Israel. The Eagles arrived on Wednesday afternoon and were refuelled on the ground shortly after arrival.

The aircraft were sold to Israel in the largest military aid package in history. The package includes 10 F-15 Eagles, several C-130s, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and Joint Direct Attack Missile (JDAM). The jets were surplus to US military requirements and weren’t part of the foreign military sales. They have been sold to the Israeli Air Force to complement their current F-15s. The total aid package is for $38 billion and includes $33 billion in foreign military financing funds and $5 billion for missile defence. US National Security Advisor Susan Rice referenced this to the State Department in Washington DC on the 14th September.

The Eagles were from the 114th Fighter Squadron, which is part of the 173rd Fighter Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard and based at Klamath Falls, Oregon. The squadron trains pilots for the F-15.

The eight F-15D Eagles were:


F-15D Eagle 78-0573 Retro 41
F-15D Eagle 78-0563 Retro 42
F-15D Eagle 78-0572 Retro 43
F-15D Eagle 81-0065 Retro 44
F-15D Eagle 80-0055 Retro 51
F-15D Eagle 80-0057 Retro 52
F-15D Eagle 78-0561 Retro 53
F-15D Eagle 79-0008 gave the best departure of the eight. All images taken by Alan Kenny.
F-15D Eagle 79-0008 Retro 54

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