Watch How a B-1B Crew Preps and Launches their Lancer


The Rockwell B-1B Lancer is one of the coolest (and fastest) bomber aircraft in existence, functioning as part of the US Air Force’s Global Strike Command’s strategic bomber force. Though it was originally built to deliver nuclear weaponry at low levels and high speeds as part of the legendary Strategic Air Command, it has been adapted to deploy conventional guided (“smart”) munitions against ground targets, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan in support of coalition troops.

Watch as the B-1B’s four-man aircrew prepares themselves and their Lancer, prior to taking off from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas; all in high-definition. The Lancer flies with an aircraft commander (pilot, left seat), copilot (right seat), offensive systems officer and defensive systems officer. This footage was filmed by A1C Shawn White, USAF.


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